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We currently stock inflatable boats and ribs from these manufacturers:

Waveline inflatable boats

Completely re-designed for 2008, the new WAVELINE Inflatable boats are now better equiped to handle heavier four stroke outboard engines and have a higher load capacity.

Other improvements include a rubbing strake on the bottom of the inlflatable keel (where applicable) to improve long term durability and protect the keel when on sand or shingle.

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Wavelength 2.5m inflatable boat Wavelength 3.3m inflatable boat
Wavelength 2.7m inflatable boat Wavelength 2.9m inflatable boat

Seago inflatable boats

New for the 2010 season Seago has introduced an ECO boat range which offers a lighter weight fabric making these boats easier to handle when packed.

The ECO-230 & ECO-260 both offer nearly all same features with the main difference being the size.

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Seago ECO-230 & ECO-260 Seago T230RT
Seago TSR240 Seago TSR270

Mercury Ocean Runner

The OCEAN RUNNER Series brings a truly performance-engineered, stepped fiberglass V-hull together with a very stable inflatable tube, making the Ocean Runner one of the finest Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) in its price range.

With their sportive and dynamic lines they are designed to support the pleasure of the boating. Based on your choice of water activities you can customize your boat with specific accessories packages.

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Ocean Runner Ocean Runner
Ocean Runner Ocean Runner

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Contact Robin Curnow for our up to date, competitive prices on all these top inflatable brands as well as mail ordering supplied throughout the UK.

Winter storage

Alongside Winter storage for outboard motors, we offer the same winter storage for inflatable boats at competitive rates, please contact us for further details and prices.

We are rarely beaten on price and our quality service is what our business is all about.

A range of accessories is also available.

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